Instrumental Fingerstyle Guitar - Recommended for Wedding Ceremonies, Wine Tastings, Cocktail Receptions, coffee houses, fine dining establishments... This beautiful, romantic and soothing music is perfect for upscale events and establishes an elegant ambience in any setting.


Guitar/Keyboard and Vocals - Recommended for clubs, deck parties, wedding receptions, bar & bat mitzvahs, etc... Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, R&B, Alternative. From the Beatles, Stones and Who to Dave Mason and John Mayer, these tunes will get the party rolling and have your guests singing along!

Yin & Yang:

A combination of the above. Start your event with the laid back, soothing sounds of instrumental guitar and shift the whole party when the time is right!  Or mix it up all night long....it's up to you!

Damian will work with you to provide the music of your choice for your club, restaurant, wedding  or other special event.  With your input he'll create a set list that will appeal to YOU and your guests or clientele. Whether you're looking for quiet, background dinner music or something a little more funky, Damian will work with you to build an entertainment experience that will exceed your expectations!








08 Still Crazy After All These Years.mp3


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